Name: Barbara

Location: Ithaca, NY

Relationship Status: Married. (with 2 kids.)

Profession: Instructional Technology manager

Gear: Canon Canon 5D Mark II, EOS Rebel XS, Canon S90 (which I love!); Lenses: 24 mm IS, 50mm 1.8, 70-300 mm IS; and a 60mm macro EF-S (that only works with the Rebel)

** New!** (7/6/13)

I’ve started a new blog with just pictures at http://btfotos.com. If you just want pictures, go there. If you like words, too, stay here. šŸ™‚


I’ve been blogging for just over a year now. I started the blog in part to keep track of what I learned (I forget things easily) and also as impetus to keep myself from abandoning the camera. Well, it worked, and instead of giving it up either the blog or the camera, I found myself completely addicted to both.

About the title: the blog started off as “Confessions of a Beginning Photographer” (newbiephoto.wordpress.com.) After a while, I couldn’t really call myself a beginner anymore, so I changed it to “Confessions of an Aspiring Photographer”, which unfortunately got shortened to “Confessions of an Aspirin” in the subject line for the people who received the blog updates via email. So here we are.


  1. Hi Barbara.
    I am so impressed about your photos, you really know how to show the essential in a picture. Your photos are beautiful! You have one more follower!

    • Giiid, thanks so much for the kind remarks and for your visit. I hope you enjoy the posts, and please feel free to leave some (gentle) criticism or suggestions. Thanks!

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