Adirondack Workshopping

Yesterday I spent the day in a workshop led by Carl Heiman, who specializes in landscape photography in the Adirondacks. We (hubby and I) hopped in the car around 9 and were in Old Forge by noon.
On the Moose River I
It was a beautiful day, sunny with wispy clouds and temperatures in the 60’s.  Normally, the fall colors peak right around this time each year – but this year they were “brown and down”. There was still plenty of beautiful scenery.
On the Moose River III

Carl was terrific – very knowledgeable, very friendly, very approachable. I had the opportunity to ask a question that has bugged me from time to time. It has to do with shooting across a body of water, when you’re not pointed directly across but maybe to the right or left around 10 degrees. The perspective is skewed a bit, enough to make it look like the horizon isn’t level. The answer? Use either Warp or Perspective Warp in Photoshop.

The rocks in the back of this shot were a bit of a problem in this regard, so I used Perspective Warp on them. I was happy with the result.
Rock Formations


We shot until after dark and made it home before midnight. A fun day out!
Adirondack Reflection



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