I’m taking a class through PPSOP called “Photography Magic II”. This week’s lesson included instructions on making cinemagraphs. Here’s my first attempt:

Follow the bouncing ball

Follow the bouncing ball

It took me most of a day – partly because I was having problems with Photoshop crashing – but I learned a ton, especially about video capabilities in Photoshop (and in my camera – it was the first time I’ve taken video with it)!

The output is an animated gif, which won’t play in Flickr*, Facebook, or any of the other places I usually share my photos… so I’m not sure if I’ll spend a lot of time on these in the future. The cinemagraphs on this site are pretty inspiring, though… and if I ever want to do another, at least now I know how!

*they actually do display on Flickr if you click through and display them full size, but I don’t think a lot of people bother to do that.


Update! Here is a more successful attempt at this technique. I still need to find out how to make it less jumpy from the end to the start:catForever


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