The new Photoshop was released yesterday, as part of the new subscription-based Creative Cloud. Because it seems that Adobe is holding all of its users hostage by making them pay a monthly subscription for software titles that could previously be bought off-the-shelf, I had considered making a statement by not continuing to buy Adobe. But the new Photoshop CC has that one to-die-for feature: Camera Shake Reduction.

And of course I had to test this feature out on a shot that I took on Saturday. All of the wildlife photo opportunities that have come my way recently have been a major test for my 70-300mm lens: those hawk, fox, and heron babies are generally kept away from the paparazzi by their watchful parents. So, I’ve been zooming in as far as possible, which unfortunately leads to camera shake. (Either that, or I get so excited by the photo opportunity that I can’t keep still! I’m not sure which of these is the cause.)

Here’s the shot that I took Saturday – since the shake is difficult to notice in the small size displayed in a browser window, I’m presenting the “unshaken” version:

Heron Landing

Heron Landing

Look a little closer. The pre-camera-shake-reduction-filtered version is on the left; the processed version is on the right.

before after

The verdict? Yes — the shake goes away, differently than if I had just sharpened the photo. The result is a bit more noise and some loss of detail. Do I think it’s worth it? Yes… and it will be more worth it once the other plug-ins that I own are updated to work with CC!



  1. My budget can’t afford CC. (Not to mention I hate their new business model.) I stopped using Photoshop a few years ago when my computer couldn’t handle the file sizes. Between LR, Elements, OnOne software…if I can’t create what I want out of those, then I had a bad image to start with.

    Do you find the longer you’ve been photographing, the more quickly you decide that a photo is trash?

    • I have almost no qualms about deleting, deleting, deleting! And I don’t think I’ve ever regretted any deletions, either. 😉
      I’m fortunate in that I am able to take advantage of the educational discount for CC… otherwise, I don’t think I’d bother.

  2. A cheaper great tool would be some of the topaz filters I use in PSE I can not afford Photo shop either but I have almost all of the topaz plug ins and they are awesome . I love this shot Barb. I depend on my 18- 270 a lot I know camera shake all too well. One of these days I will be rich and the first 2 things I will buy are a 500mm prime lens and the newest version of PS. :}

      • don”t you have to own the latest version or a version of PS, and have the student/teacher discount? for it to be cheaper. If it was only 20.00 a month for me I would do it but think it is more like 40 or 50 for me. I would rather buy the program out right but by time I can afford that the CC is going to be the only way to go. For now I make due with PSE, Lightroom, And my Topaz plugins.

      • Kathyann, I looked it up, and there’s a single app subscription (for example, PS only) for $19.99 / month. But I think you can do pretty much all of the things that you need with the setup you have!

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