Flying higher

I spent yesterday afternoon at a rodeo, and had a really fun time, but photographically things didn’t turn out so well. I spent much of the afternoon trying to get a good panning shot of a nice graceful horse flying across the arena, but ended up with a lot of close-but-blurrys. Action shots are tough for me! I get so excited when it’s time to snap the shutter that I move the camera. (I may break down and subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud just so that I can get that camera-shake reduction feature in the new Photoshop!)

Today I planned to take some nice, slow flower macros, but was drawn in to the excitement of watching the baby hawks fledging from the light towers over the fields nearby. I got a few nice standing-still hawk photos, but the birds were far away enough that I would have to crop quite a bit. I was just about to head home for dinner when “Big Red”, the mother, decided to deliver some food to one of the babies who was stuck in a tree.

Big Red with chipmunk

Big Red Delivery Service

There it was, my panned shot! And I took it without thinking twice. If you look closely, you’ll see her talons clutching a chipmunk.

As a bonus, I caught this shot as Big Red flew overhead moments later:

Big Red and the Chipmunk

Look! Up in the sky!

Two keepers in the space of about 5 minutes. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ll take it.

If you’re interested, there’s a bird cam on Big Red (and hubby Ezra)’s nest. Two of the three babies have fledged (one of them has not managed to make it back to the nest, but is alive and well). When I checked just now, there were 2133 viewers – this family has quite a following!

One more shot to leave you with. While I was waiting, waiting for some hawk action, a mother skunk and her two babies emerged from the bushes across the street and went food shopping in the garden where I had just taken my flower photos.

3 Skunks

“To get to the other side”

Timing is everything.




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