Warning: unbridled cuteness

I live on a small road at the edge of town, with a gorge and small waterfall behind my backyard. We see deer on a regular basis, and other  common wildlife such as wild turkey stop by from time to time. As I wrote recently, some fox have recently moved in nearby; my neighbors tell me that there’s a mom and 4 cubs. But no one has seen mom in the last few days, and the cubs seem to be wandering about on their own.

Two mornings this week, we found one of the cubs sleeping on our back deck. The first time, he was just on the other side of the sliding glass door (with a decidedly unphotographic screen between us); he got up and wandered off when my dog started pawing the door. The next morning, though, he was asleep in the far corner of the deck. He woke up when I opened the door.

Fox cub


After his photo shoot, hubby chased him off – per instructions from our local wildlife guy. Halfway across the backyard, the cub – “Decker”, as he’s been named by a colleague – looked back longingly at his cozy deck. He hasn’t been back in the last two days.

Yesterday, though, I was on my way home from taking some spring flower pictures, and saw my neighbor’s car stopped in the middle of the street. Two cubs were playing in front of his driveway.  One of them ran off, but the other was unconcerned.

Fox Cub

Too cute to chase away

I’m not sure if it was Decker – if not, there’s a strong family resemblance!

I’m hoping their mom is around so that they can celebrate Mother’s Day with her.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, my daughter posted this on my Facebook Timeline the other night. 😉

Sleepy fox stuffed animal

Sleepy Fox

I’ve bought a new camera! Although I love my Canon 5D Mark II, it is very heavy, I have small hands, and I don’t always need full-frame. I pre-ordered one of the new Canon Rebel SL1‘s in March, and it finally arrived last week (followed by 3 days of rain, of course). It’s tiny! I used it, along with the Canon 70-300mm IS Lens, for the two (live) fox photos above.



  1. Those are beuatiful pictures Barb. Seems like the new camera is right on. What lens length did you use for these pictures? How close can you get to the foxes?

    • Thanks Diane! They were both shot with a 70-300 zoom – the first one was at 190mm (the fox was about 10-12 feet away), the second was at 300 mm (he was about 20 feet away… and the shot is cropped). If only the screen wasn’t in the way the first time – the cub was only about 6″ away!

    • I’m glad I caught them when I did. I’ve only seen 1 fox in the last 6 weeks or so – I think they’ve gone nocturnal again. We know that not all of them survived, and I’m afraid that Decker was the one who didn’t make it. 😦

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