The quick red fox

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”… we don’t have any brown foxes in our backyard, but we do have a family of red foxes; I’ve been trying to digitally capture one for quite a while. Luckily, this morning this one stood still long enough for me to retrieve a camera and take its picture.

The quick red fox

The quick red fox

Unluckily, though, it proceeded to run through my backyard – past my not-so-lazy dog – and enticed my lab-mix to break through the invisible (electric) fence and follow it who-knows-where. So far, the story has a happy ending; the dog came back home after about 15 minutes. But now it seems that the fox family has taken up residence behind the stone wall, so there may be further adventures.

In case you’re interested, I’ve loaded up a cropped-way-down copy of this shot. I was pretty impressed with the intensity of his eyes.


Our new neighbor

For what it’s worth, we’ve noticed that our chipmunk population is way down. Coincidence?




    • My friend who really-does-not-like-squirrels was pleased to learn that I saw the fox walking across our backyard on Saturday with a squirrel in his mouth. Hopefully the chipmunks are smarter than that squirrel was.

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