Fun with vacation photos

A big reason that I chose to learn more about photography was so that I could take better pictures when I traveled or went on vacation. Last week, hubby and I spent a few days in Yosemite. I had never been there before, and it was just amazing – every view was a postcard.

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

The thing about travel photography, though, is that in the type of popular tourist spots that I tend to visit, there are plenty of locals who are entirely adept at making beautiful photographs of their own home turf.

So on this trip, I spent some time trying to be a little creative. I played a little with some forced perspective:

Bridalveil Falls

Filling Yosemite Valley

… and took advantage of some signage at the Mariposa Redwood Groves.

Faithful Couple

Faithful Couple

Hubby returned home with my DSLR while I stayed to work in the Bay area for a few days. Β I had a few short hours in San Francisco, and spent it down near Fisherman’s Wharf.

Eat Crab

Eat Crab

Since the zoom on my little S100 wasn’t up to the task of capturing any detail of Alcatraz, I focused on the foreground instead.

Gull with Alcatraz

Gull with Alcatraz

I’m back home and missing the California sunshine, but spring is oh-so-close!



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