Soft and sharp

Last week’s announcement from Google that they were bundling the Nik software offerings and offering them at a reduced price – with a free upgrade to current Nik owners – was such wonderful, welcome news! I spent part of this past weekend working with some of the products that I really hadn’t explored before, including Color Efex Pro. Here’s a sample of some crocuses that were run through the Film Efex (Faded) filter:



I wanted to make sure that there were some sharp edges in the output, so that the viewer would know what it was that I was focusing on. I suspected that the sharpening mask was what I needed, so I did a little Googling and found what I needed: how to use the Sharpening Mask in Lightroom. It turns out that by holding the Alt key (PC) and moving the Masking slider, you can affect what gets sharpened – it picks out the edges and shows them in white on black. This is huge. This functionality has been there for a while. It makes me wonder what else I’m missing!


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