That old-timey feeling

I’ve been having fun with the “Antique Plate II” setting in Nik Silver Efex Pro this weekend. Although I’m sure it can be overused (as it is here), it’s interesting to see how much the filters completely transform the images. Now that we’re approaching mud season in the Northeast US, having my edited photos end up in beiges and browns seems fitting.

I got the idea to do this yesterday while driving through Newark Valley, about 45 minutes from home… the part of town near the restored train depot seemed like it hadn’t changed in 100 years.

Newark Valley

The tracks at Newark Valley

It occurred to me that this filter would work well with any subject that dated to the early 20th century (or before), so then I applied it to this picture of a restored log cabin in Myers Park.

1791 North log cabin

The 1791 North log cabin

It’s not likely I’ll ever fool any photographic experts with these, but they’re fun to play with and they certainly give off the old-timey vibe!


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