The best of 2012

To celebrate the passing of another year — and the completion of my second year of dedication to photography – I’ll share a few of my best shots of 2012 (or at least my favorites).

First: I saw some amazing colors out my window at work in January, and flew out the door at 4:30 to capture this sunset:

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

Hubby and I celebrated the Super Moon in May by going up to Mount Pleasant to capture it:

Holding the Moon

Holding the Moon

In July, I explored the world from underneath the garden:

Bees on onion flower

Looking up

Catching this couple kissing in the window of Julio’s restaurant in Montpelier, Vermont was a bonus in what I think may be my favorite shot for 2012 (taken in early October):



Also in October, I just couldn’t get enough of all the colors:

Sackett Foot Bridge

Sackett Foot Bridge

And in December, I found beauty in black and white.

Stewart Park Shoreline

Stewart Park Shoreline


I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s “best of 2012” blog posts! I hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2013!



  1. Okay… it’s time. Time for a new name for this place. Let’s call it “The Photo God”. You really are amazing. I’m going to go burn my camera. No, I’m inspired. I can be this good someday.

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