Just playing around

I’ve been spending the last couple weeks eking out whatever spare time is available for trying out some new techniques… and my attempts have been largely unsuccessful. Not wanting to litter my blog with unsuccessful photos, I’ve stayed pretty quiet in this forum. Can’t do that forever, though, or the blog will dry up and blow away… so here are a couple things I’ve played with.

First: I downloaded a copy of Topaz Simplify, and pulled a few photos out of the archives to try it out on.

Sackett Foot Bridge

Sackett Foot Bridge, with Topaz Simplify / Impressions Natural


“Pink” – Topaz Simplify, “BuzSim” effect

Second: I’ve spent a lot of time playing around with bokeh. Since I have a skinny Christmas tree that produces less-than-ideal bokeh, I created a “bokeh box” by taping black construction paper to the box, then sticking lights through it (picture below). Here’s a sample of what I produced with it:

deer with bokeh

Bokeh, deer


and here’s the box:

box with lights

The bokeh box

One of these days, I’ll master some of those other techniques I’ve been playing with, and will post them online… until then, there’s no end of ways to play.



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