Ice Wars, the sequel

Ice sculpture hat

A tip of the hat

2 years ago, I had had a DSLR for less than a month, and was still investigating the mechanics of ISO / aperture / shutter speed when I visited the Ithaca Ice Wars competition going on downtown. I didn’t realize that this would develop into a full-blown addiction (Blog entry for December 12, 2010 / gallery of my photos from the event).

Fast forward to yesterday: new equipment, 2 years of knowledge, and an entirely different outlook on photography. I joined the southern tier meetup group downtown yesterday at noon and gave Ice Wars another go. The result? I like to think that there’s been quite a bit of improvement… especially in the area of composition.

Here are a few of the shots… more can be found in this year’s Ice Wars album.

Sprayed by shaved ice


Wreaths on red building

‘Tis the season

Knitting around statue


Icy abstract

Icy abstract



  1. It’s it fun to go back to something you have photographed before and nail it like you wanted to before you really knew what you were doing? One of the great satisfactions in photography for me is improving on the past. Boy, did you ever here. The showering ice photo is impressive!

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