Bag full of tricks

Is it too early to talk about Christmas cards?

After much trial and error (emphasis on the error), I finally came up with a photo to use for this year’s cards. It took a combination of several tools and techniques that I’ve talked about here, including focus stacking, macro extension tubes, and off camera lighting

Pinedrop II

Happy Holidays!

The big secret I learned recently, though, is this: for water drop photography, don’t use water. Use glycerin. It’s available at any drugstore, looks just like water for these purposes, and doesn’t run like the real stuff.

A couple more notes:

  • Instead of using the macro focusing rail this time, I chose a few points (each snowflake, plus a point in the branch) to focus on, and then focused manually. The result was that I only needed to focus-stack 3 shots this time.
  • Two different people asked me what that is inside the waterdrop… AFTER I had already put in the order for cards. D’oh! It’s a snowflake. If I had known that it was so hard to pick out, I would have gone even a little more macro, or chosen a different subject. Oh well.


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