Just Beachy

At Venice Beach

For the last few days, I’ve been in Florida, visiting my dad. It’s been rainy in the afternoons, so I’ve been getting up early and heading over to the beach with my little Canon S90. The beach landscape is a far cry from that of my inland home town!

I received an email this week from Adorama which talked about how a wide-angle lens could focus up close, making for some very dramatic photos. The lens on the S90 is pretty wide, so I gave it a try. It also gave me the idea of taking macros from down low.

On the Beach

Venice Beach

At Venice Beach

The email then gave me the idea of poking around the Adorama web site, where I found their “Learning Center”… with an article right up front about traveling without a DSLR. The article has some great tips for what to look for with light, details, and composition.

At Siesta Key

At Venice Beach

I’ve never really been a beach person, but it’s a whole new world when viewed through a camera lens.



    • Thanks Barb! I think I need to start paying more attention to these vendor emails – I was a little surprised to find something more than advertising (although they *were* pushing wide angle lenses…)

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