Scott’s assignment this month is “motion”.  I’ve sent many photos to the digital dustbin in trying to get good motion shots; here are the ones that have survived, along with the methods used.

Motion through panning. This shot was taken this spring at a softball game in a nearby park, late in the evening:

Running Bases

Mostly I liked his hat

Motion using zoom burst. I took this one on one of the main roads at work, standing behind a stopped bus at noon:

Tower Road

Don’t get dizzy!

Implied motion. This heron was looking for a better place to find breakfast (and if he stops moving, he’ll get wet!):

On the Wing

Time to fly

… and finally, to finish the set, there’s motion blur. This was taken out the window of a prop plane yesterday, flying into Philly:

Flying into Philly

Flying into Philly

I’d love to be more consistent with motion shots – that’s a good excuse to keep practicing them! Thanks for the challenge, Scott!



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  2. I really like the image from the softball game. Body and head in focus and everything else showing the motion. Reminds me of the Six Million Dollar Man TV show and how they implied how fast he could run. Very cool pictures.

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