Adirondack days

Trail Markers

Trail Markers

A summer day in the Adirondacks can be a slow, lazy vacation day – a day to relax in the hammock, drink iced tea, watch the boats go by… or it can be a fun day, a day to get out in the beautiful outdoors and soak in the sights. When we visited his year, the sun was out and the days were cool, perfect for enjoying the hiking trails and paddling down the river.

Some neighbors introduced us to Nick’s Lake near Old Forge a couple of years ago. There’s a trail there that takes about 3 hours to hike. Much of it is in dense woods, with only a little blue sky peeking out from time to time.

Looking Up

Taken for the “Looking Up” challenge on my flickr group this week

There are some small meadowy spots that go right up to the lake, letting a little sunshine in.

Calico Pennant

A “calico pennant” dragonfly

And a nice spot near the end of the trail for resting and taking in the view.

Taking a break

Taking a break

We also took the opportunity to go kayaking on the Moose River. It worked out really well – we were able to arrangements with the local outdoor shop to park our car several miles upstream, spend a few hours paddling down the river, and get a ride back to the car.

Paddling down the Moose River

Paddling down the Moose River

Having a point-and-shoot sized camera was really handy for the kayak. I had fun playing around with the reflections on the river… so much fun, in fact, that I stopped paying attention to where I was going. I got separated from hubby, went the wrong way, got stuck in some mud, and started paddling upstream before getting myself turned back the right way again.

Moose River Kayaking

I was able to sweep away the clouds with this paddle!

As always, vacation ended too soon. But we sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

Technical question: do any of you bloggers ever find that pictures embedded from flickr are nice and crisp, while those uploaded to WordPress or Picasaweb are blurry when they’re included in a post? I have tried saving the image at the same size that it’s used in the post, but that doesn’t help. Suggestions welcomed!


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