Adirondack mornings

Almost a century ago, my grandfather and his father bought land in the southwestern Adirondacks, and built a summer cabin – a “camp” in local parlance. I’ve visited it for at least a few days every year of my life, and now co-own it with a dozen or so relatives.

Hubby and I spent a few days up at camp this past week. We had warm, sunny days, and quiet, chilly evenings; a pleasant break from the hot, humid, daily grind at home.

My favorite time of the day up there is the morning when the lake is quiet, before the winds kick up and the boats start crossing back and forth.

Before the sun climbs over the trees, there’s a mist on the lake.

Morning Heron

A heron flies over the lake early in the morning

In recent years, I had heard rumors that there were loons nearby. This year, I was able to confirm those rumors.


This guy showed up my first morning there, but I didn’t see him again

Once the sun is up high enough, the blue skies are reflected in the lake.

Lake shore

The best reflections are the ones with blue skies and puffy clouds

On the weekends, the lake gets busier as the day wears on, and the quiet, peaceful moments are gone by late morning. During the week, though, we can hold on to that quiet just a little longer.

On the lake - 2

A buoy in front of the neighbor’s dock



  1. I love the Adirondacks and your images are so peaceful, I’m particularly fond of the buoy one! Heading to Lake George for an Adirondack fix soon, can’t wait.

  2. All the images are stunning! You have a great eye for composition and color. I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of the bouy in the water, with the blue sky and white clouds reflected. Reminds me of mornings out on dock on the lake at my parents’ summer cottage. Good times. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Kathy! … really, the only time I like to look at the buoy is when I have a camera in my hand. 🙂 Love the vacation part. Coming back to real life is the hard part.

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