Getting down with the bees

What better way to spend a summer holiday morning than visiting a garden in bloom? I went out this morning to take advantage of the early morning sun, and spent some time hanging out with the flowers and the bees.

The thing about bees is that when they take off from a flower, it’s hard to guess which direction they’ll take. This shot required a lot of patience! I was on my back for quite awhile… kind of like sunbathing, but far more awkward.

Bee and Coneflower

A high f-stop (f/20) and relatively high shutter speed (1/500) helped ensure that the bee would be in focus.

The morning sun provided some nice backlighting for a few poppies that are still hanging on. The poppies were especially popular with the local bees this morning!

Bee and Poppy 1

In fact, the light was strong enough that I was able to see bee silhouettes through the poppy petals. (See it here? In the lower left of the flower…)

Bee and Poppy 2

Shutter speed of 1/1600, and the wings are still too fast.

My flickr challenge for this week is “fill the frame”. Hard to do with just a bee, so I used this coneflower for filler. This could have also worked if the challenge was “yellow”:

Bee and Coneflower 3

f/4.0, 1/2000: but his wings would have been still even with a slower shutter speed!

It’s such a treat to have a day off, spending quality time with my camera… and so nice of Mother Nature to cooperate.



    • Thanks, Rick! … the two yellow Coneflowers were taken with a macro lens, and the two poppies were taken with a zoom lens. I love shooting macros, but they’re not for everyone. You might try renting one to see how it goes – I’ve had great luck with

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