Coast to coast, and back home again

In the 2 weeks since my last post, I’ve been traveling on vacation – first to the Gulf coast of Florida, where hubby and I visited my Dad for a few days, and then to southern California, where we visited hubby’s brother and sister-in-law. I don’t usually consider myself a beach person, but this trip gave me the opportunity to explore beaches from another point of view – that of the observer instead of the sunbather. I like the observer role a whole lot more!

The weather in Florida was fantastic – sunny and highs in the low 80’s. I made it a point to slip out first thing in the morning to see the beach (Siesta Key beach) before all of the bikinis and surfboards arrived. Since the shoreline faces west, the beach and water were lit up with strong morning light.

Lifeguard Stands

Lifeguard stands: this shot was taken for an "effective color" challenge.

Beach Time

I saw a lot of couples like this, just sitting under umbrellas and staring at the water

We weren’t so lucky with the weather in California, where the daily highs were in the high 50’s and we only saw the sun for about 5 minutes when we ventured east of Route 405. We did, however, spend an afternoon in Laguna Beach where my daughter and her boyfriend also happened to be visiting.


Karen and JJ at Laguna Beach

We also spent a day on Catalina Island – fun! Hubby and I took a tour on Segways, and got to see some beautiful views without exerting ourselves too much.

Catalina Island

I'm probably the 1 millionth person to take this shot

Segway shot

Here we are on the Segways. The tour guide took this with my iPhone.

There were all sorts of interesting things to see on the Santa Monica pier, which I think would be my destination of choice if I lived in the area and ran out of photo ideas.

Bird Shower

Enterprising pigeons find the ultimate bird shower

Play me, I'm yours

Play me, I'm yours

Ithaca received 3 inches of snow the day before we returned (!), and it’s been cold and rainy all week, but the good news is that my local world is colorful again now that winter is mostly over.


Survivors of a late-April snowstorm

In other news, I’ve been doing my best to infect others with the photography bug. My daughter now has my Canon XS, along with 3 lenses that do not work with my new camera… she’s working on some guest blog posts, so keep an eye out! I’ve also made arrangements with my sister-in-law, where I’ll send her a tip and a photo assignment each week, to keep her motivated to learn and also so that we can be better about staying in touch. She just bought a new point-and-shoot, so we’ll explore all of the different functions. This week’s topic is macro – something point-and-shoots do really well!




  1. What a fun trip! How adorable are you and hubby!! We’ve tried segways, too. LOVED it! 🙂

    Excellent photos. I particularly like the lifeguard houses…nicely seen.

    • Segways are a blast, aren’t they? This was my first experience with one. A couple of people who have seen that picture have said to me — glad you didn’t go backwards by mistake!

  2. Thanks Prantik! Besides the weather, the two coasts really have a different vibe, don’t they? I was surprised how different they were, even though I’ve been to both before.

  3. The lifeguard stands would have meet any color challenge. Love that one. The rest really do capture the contrast in both tone and feel. I have yet to try a Segway. Will put that on my list of things to do on vacation.

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