Just add texture

A few days ago, my online friend Barb posted a dreamlike photo of trees in the fog. It was beautiful. I couldn’t think of any way the photo could have been displayed SOOC (straight out of camera) unless she had used a Lens Baby, so of course I asked how it was created… and she shared the answer with me via a blog post. There were a few steps involved in her production; one of them was to apply a texture in Photoshop.

My camera is in the shop (the topic of another post), so today I chose to pour my creative energies into learning how to use textures. I went ahead and purchased a basic set of textures from the site Barb had recommended, French Kiss Collections. Then, following their how-to blog entry, I worked with a picture of a catbird that I took a few weeks ago.

Here’s the original shot:


Catbird silhouette

Instead of using “multiply” as the layer blend mode, I played around a little and found that “Difference” made the photo much more interesting:

Catbird Silhouette

Catbird, with "LaLune" texture

I went out with the S90 this afternoon looking for some good subjects for this new skill, but since it was such a beautiful sunny day, the light was quite harsh and nothing seemed to come out quite ready for the texturizing process. So I pulled up a couple oldie-but-goodies and used them instead (using the prescribed Multiply layer blend mode this time):

Textured Feather

Feather, with Gray Pearl texture

Textured Loosestrife

Loosestrife, with Jeanne d'Arc texture

Many or most of the textures seem to give their subjects an old fashioned feel, and appear (from the samples) to work best with very simple subjects that are often centered. Now that I’ve put my toe into the texture waters, I’ll be on the lookout for photo ops that seem to lend themselves to this treatment.



  1. Oh my gosh I love these!!! Textures can be perfect with blown out backgrounds. As you are finding out, the possibilities seem endless. Did you see that Leslie sometimes has free textures if you like her Facebook page?

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