Absolutely Abstract

It’s assignment submission time again! I have two sets of submissions for Scott’s “Abstract” assignment this month. First, two pictures of the “What the heck IS that” variety… each is an accurate depiction of the item that I photographed (can you guess? Answers are below.):

Thing One:

Radiating orange thing

Can you guess?

Thing Two:

Blue and gray thing

Any ideas?

The second variety of abstract includes pictures that were modified using Photoshop filters. I got the idea for these in a Flickr group when I saw a really amazing shot of a clock that had gone into a spiral. (Go ahead, click that link, it’s really quite a photo!). Chris, the woman who posted the shot, told me that it was the “Droste effect”… which I dutifully Googled. All the instructions were available online, and the plugin was free, so of course I had to give it a try.

The first picture – pre-Droste – was abstract enough… it was taken looking down two levels of a library:

Concentric levels

Looking down, pre-Droste

The Droste filter allows all kinds of modifications, but after some fiddling around, I morphed the photo into this:

Library Droste

Library Droste

Big sticker


The spiral effect wasn’t so effective with the library picture since it wasn’t symmetrically circular – so I went with the fractal options instead. Since most Droste’d photos appear to be of flowers and clocks, I kept looking for something circular that wasn’t in those categories. Finally I found a big (16″) sticker on a wall at work this afternoon, and went with that. The original image is the one on the left. And the Droste’d version is below:

Droste'd flowers

Apres Droste

Fun times!

… did you guess the subjects of those first two shots?

Thing One is the top of a hassock (found in a student center).

Thing Two is a reflection of a dock in the water.



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    • Thanks, Gerry! If you have access to Photoshop 4 or higher, the Droste filter (actually, all of the Pixel Bender filters) are a lot of fun to play with.

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