Be It Resolved

The conversation at the gallery went something like this:

Gallery Representative: I’m sorry, you can’t take pictures of the artwork in here.
Me: Oh, OK, I’ll just zoom in so you can only see the frames on the other pictures.
Rep: No, really. There’s a sign right here – no pictures without the artist’s permission.
Me: It’s fine with me if people want to take pictures of this.
Rep: Oh, that’s yours! OK, no problem!

Yes — I finally completed my fourth and final resolution of 2012, with only 302 days left in the year. The goal? To have one of my pictures hang on a wall somewhere other than my or my family’s homes or offices.

Do Not Photograph sign

I asked if I could take a picture of the sign

A few weeks ago, I entered 2 pictures into the 23rd Annual Juried Exhibition at the State of the Art Gallery in downtown Ithaca… one of which was accepted.Ā  (This one was not accepted… but that’s OK, it looks great in my family room.)Ā  And while Ithaca is not exactly large (population 30,000), as a college town it has an arty-hippie kind of vibe – meaning that there was some really, really good art included in this show. I wasn’t unrealistic enough to think that I’d win anything, but I was happy just to be included.

Picture of Picture

I left the edges of the other frames in, as proof

So enough of the resolutions… now the New Year can begin!



  1. DId the gallery rep check your ID to make sure you were the artist? šŸ™‚ Of course I understand why they have that policy. But the most important thing is you got into a juried exhibit!!! Kudos to you! And a fantastic image, too.

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