Right around New Years, several of my blogging buddies posted articles that laid out their photography resolutions for 2012. Even though I had some goals in mind, I chose not to post them, because I knew that the moon would need to be in the correct phase and the planets would need to be aligned before I followed through… and who knew whether that would happen in this calendar year?

But I put together a mental list of goals, things to aim for if life moved forward as expected.

I managed to check off the first item on the list during the first week of the year: several months ago, I had heard about the idea of having some business cards on hand for those times when you’re out and about shooting, and someone asks about your photography. So I went ahead and ordered some cards through MOO… and was delighted with the product.

Business cards

MOO Cards

Fast forward a month. While I was drinking my tea and playing online word games this morning, I suddenly had the impulse to take care of resolution #2: setting up an online shop. I worked feverishly through the day, creating a Zenfolio account, picking a domain name, choosing photos, and working on the site settings.


Open for business!

So now the site is ready! There’s lots more I can do with it – such as uploading a logo, writing descriptions, and so on – but it’s presentable as-is. I’m not crazy enough to think that having 17 photos for sale will generate enough income that I can quit my day job, but I feel like I’ve taken a big step forward.

Now I’m going to have to replace those lovely MOO business cards with the new web address:

(Please stop by!)

My next resolution? I’m not saying, but it should be completed by the end of the month.



  1. You suddenly made a shop!!……I agree, it sounds a bit impulsive,- in the good way of course. 🙂 Congratulations, you really took a big step forward.
    The photos are beautiful, I believe you will get costumers in no time. Good luck Barbara. 🙂

  2. This is so exciting!! I’m hoping I can send a little love your way — I’ve shared your website and blog on my personal page and A Flick of Light Facebook pages. (Not that I have a lot of followers. But one friend tells another, tells another…well you remember the shampoo commercial.)

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