Portraits of the Bouquet family

It’s been a week since I bought the flowers that I used for my foray into negative space, and I noticed today that they’ve held up quite well. I decided that these hardy stems deserved to be given star treatment for being so cheerful day after day in the middle of winter, so I made up my mind this afternoon to take some pictures of them.

But how to make the pictures interesting?

I knew I’d have to use flash… and would probably want to use the light tent. Wait! What would happen if I tried light them from the back? The remote flash trigger / receiver might come in handy too.

As the photo session took place, I felt like a pro trying to get good portraits of family members. Each flower had its own personality, and none of them behaved like the others. Some refused to behave at all.

The carnation was just too thick.

The mum seemed shocked by the idea…

Backlit Mum


The pink daisy was a little on the aggressive side…

Backlit Pink

In yo face!

And the purple daisy refused to let its true colors show through.

Backlit purple

He was feeling blue, so I warmed him up.

We had fun, though, the flowers and me.



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