Alphabet Soup

Did you ever go shopping, say for shoes or a shirt, but finally just gave up because you couldn’t find anything you wanted? Then you went back to the same store a week later and everything was just perfect? You decide that something must have just been off during that previous trip.

I’m seeing that in my photography now. A year ago, when I was new to the Ithaca group, there was an assignment for finding naturally-occurring letters – i.e., not printed. For a month, I looked and looked and just didn’t see anything.

Fast forward a year: the weekly theme for “Creatively Challenged”, posted this morning, is the same: naturally occurring letters.  I went down to the marina this afternoon and found them everywhere:

The letter A (twice!) in the pier unsafe sign:

Pier unsafe

Pier unsafe

… the letter O in the wheel of this abandoned bike:

Wheel in Snow

O the Snow

… and the letter T (or F, or I) in the weathervane.


Winds from the west at 10 mph

I appear to be seeing things with a new eye.

A note about the weathervane. When I loaded the pictures into my computer, I noticed some serious lens vignetting. I’m not sure the term “vignetting” was exactly new to me when I started this blog, but it’s something I never really thought about. Sometimes I’ll read a review about a lens and they talk about vignetting. What they’re actually talking about is this:

Weathervane with vignetting

Weathervane with vignetting

See how there’s all that dark blue around the edges? The sky wasn’t really like that. Sometimes people will add vignette to their photographs for effect (think “old-timey”), but it wasn’t wanted in this case.

Luckily, Lightroom has a Lens Vignetting slider in the Lens Corrections section, so I was able to get rid of it. There’s also a place where you can add post-crop vignetting for if you want to add it in after the fact. It’s not cheating… it’s just correcting.



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