A taste of winter

From this morning’s Ithaca Journal:

December was an average of 5 degrees warmer than normal in Ithaca, according to data collected by the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, and produced only 1.3 inches of snow all month. This month has been more than 7 degrees warmer, with 6 inches fewer than normal snowfall for this point in January.

On Thursday, Ithaca experienced weather more than 10 degrees warmer than normal for Jan. 12, with season-to-date snowfall measured at 24 inches below normal.

1.3 inches of snow in December… a trace last week… it’s been almost impossible to capture any wintery scenes! So yesterday morning, when the sun rose and I saw white flakes descending from the sky, I grabbed the S90 and flew out the door (taking care to get dressed for work first.)

First stop – before work – I walked a little way around Beebe Lake to capture this shot of Sackett’s Bridge:

Sackett's Bridge

Sackett's Bridge

Second stop – lunchtime – I took a few pictures of the tower, but liked this tree better:

Tree in winter

Tree in winter

After work, I caught the sunset. Here I’m cheating a little by showing you a similar shot that I took last week (yesterday’s shot is here):

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

And finally, I took this shot on my way to the car:

Blue and White

Blue and White

Although I’m not a big fan of winter, the snowy landscape provides some special photo opportunities. Now I just wish it was a little warmer and drier!



  1. All of the pictures are lovely. I really like the Blue and White shot. How do you like your new lens? Did you get a Canon or another brand?

      • I’ll bet you have to have street lamps or some kind of similar lighting to make it work? I am going to keep this in mind for more urban settings, thank you.

      • Yes, there was a street lamp above the trees that were closest to me on the left – it was included in the original picture but I cropped it out before posting. (Sneaky, aren’t I?)

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