Prime Time

Winter by the lake

Winter by the lake

It’s always exciting to get new equipment for my camera, and so today’s arrival of a new lens – paid for with a Christmas gift certificate – was a special occasion. I can finally put the 18-55 mm kit lens away: I’ve now got a 24mm wide angle lens in my camera bag.

One of the many things I’ve learned this year about lenses is that prime lenses – i.e. those with a fixed focal length (they don’t zoom) – are generally sharper than their zoom counterparts. To quote Wikipedia:

A prime lens of a given focal length is less versatile than a zoom whose range includes that focal length, but is often of superior optical quality, lighter weight, smaller bulk and lower cost. In comparison with a zoom lens, a prime lens has fewer moving parts which are optimized for one particular focal length. With a less complicated lens formula they suffer from fewer problems related to chromatic aberration.

See? Superior optical quality and fewer problems related to chromatic aberration. That’s good news.

I’ll be counting on the wide angle to get those beautiful sunrises and sunsets that have been somewhat elusive. Today has been pretty gray (and cold!) though, so this afternoon I went looking for some other wide-angle subjects down by the lake:


Look at what washed ashore!


Lakeside lookout

My husband laughed at me for using a wide-angle lens and then cropping this one:

Winter Storage

Winter storage

Welcome to my arsenal, little 24mm. I know you’ll serve me well.


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