My own personal playground

Park bench

Lonely Park

Last night, while at the park taking “before” pictures of the Ithaca College towers in advance of New Years, I started chatting with another woman who was out there with her camera. (To be honest, it was the crescent moon with Venus that drew me out, but I spent so much time fumbling with the new tripod that I completely missed that shot. I watched with consternation as the moon dipped below the horizon – and so ended up aiming at the towers instead.)

My new acquaintance told me about “Ithaca Art” on Facebook, where the admin posts a challenge a day, and people post their submissions to the group’s wall. I’ve missed the support and source of ideas that were part of my challenge group on Flickr, so this idea of a daily challenge, hosted by a local, was very appealing.

Elephant ride

Elephant in Winter

To work with today’s topic, “Unique Perspective,” I took advantage of the last few hours before the arrival of lousy weather to go out to a local park and see what presented itself. My first thought was that picnic tables and benches would be ideal, but the playground equipment practically begged to be photographed.

I don’t take pictures of playgrounds very often. Normally they’re crawling with kids, and unless there’s something special about the kid pictures, I don’t want to have to explain myself to the accompanying adults.  But this playground was abandoned in the windy, gray 35-degree weather, .



Having the playground to myself, I was able to do things like crawl under the ropes and climb the stairs to the slide. My favorite subjects for today’s session were the geometric shapes of the basketball net and the climbing ropes with the gray sky in the background, but the colorful little animals were fun too. My submission for Unique Perspectives was the basketball hoop.

Basketball net


While I’m talking about challenges, I’ll mention that I found out about another challenge site today – – that has recently been created by two local guys, Adam Baker and Tyler Finck. Their plan is to post a new theme each week, and use their favorite submission on the home page and theme page. They report that they have already received submissions from all over the US and the UK. That site should be fun to watch!


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