Flickr begs me to provide a name for each of the photos that I upload. It threatens to give them names like “IMG_1234” if I don’t come up with something. But sometimes clever or fitting names just aren’t forthcoming, so I either end up with monikers that are more like labels than names (example: “Chipmunk”), or else I repeat name parts over and over.

One of the words that I found myself subconsciously including in multiple names was “reflection.” (These are two of my favorites: Reflections on a Quiet Lake and McGraw Reflection. Go ahead and look, they’ll open in separate tabs.) Once I realized that, I also realized that in addition to dewdrops and silhouettes, I have a thing for taking pictures of reflections. So the other day, I decided to give in to the urge: this mild winter we’re having (knock on wood) has allowed me to get outside during the day and see my little world in the mirrors that are the building windows.

(Here I’ll take a break and show you the pictures… stick with me, though, there’s a funny story below.)

Weill Hall

Weill Hall reflects on itself

Barton and Statler

Old meets new: Barton Hall is reflected in the Statler windows

Bailey Hall reflected in the windows of Malott

Bailey Hall reflected in the windows of Malott

After spending both yesterday’s and today’s lunch time walking around campus, looking closely at many windows and taking pictures of some, I happened to see a building reflection in one of the campus police cars that was parked outside the police headquarters. I took a picture, of course… and then turned around to see someone getting out of an unmarked police car and walking towards me. After the initial pleasantries, the conversation went something like this:

(Unmarked car-guy): Ma’am, we’ve seen you taking pictures around for the last coupla days.
(Me): Oh! You’ve been following me?
(Unmarked car-guy): No, not following you, we’ve just seen you around. Taking pictures.
(Me): Oh yes! I’ve been taking pictures of reflections during my lunch hours.
(Unmarked car-guy): Oh! You work here?
(Me): Oh yes, I work over in <name deleted>. Here! Let me show you some shots I just took.
(Unmarked car-guy looks at picture, doesn’t seem especially interested, heads back towards car.) OK ma’am. Just checkin’.

So you see, sharing pictures has the power to make the cops stop following you. Ahhh, a picture is worth a thousand words.



  1. Ohmy goodness! I would have been scared! I am so glad they didn’t arrest you for taking reflection photos. (I love reflection photos, too.) I hope you won’t be nervous after this.

  2. It happened too fast for me to be scared! Mostly I couldn’t believe that “they” had been watching. He lost interest quickly enough that it’s not going to stop my habit (although I headed in a less populated direction the next day!)

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