All around the clock tower


Late evening tower

To follow up on last week’s post about all the times I’ve chosen the clock tower as a subject, I’m going to post a few more pictures so that you get a little better idea of what the tower is all about. (People who know me know that sometimes I can be a little obsessive.   For those of you I’ve never met, this may give you a little glimpse of that side of my personality.)

I’d quick like to mention that I did get one taker on my soft challenge last week – Barb Kellogg, whose blog I’ve been following since last spring.  She shared some really nice shots of her favorite subjects. Please take the time to visit her blog!

Looking down at photographer

Getting their portrait taken in front of the tower

McGraw Tower, built in 1891 and outfitted with chimes donated by Jennie McGraw, is an icon of the campus where I work. I believe it appears in just about every promotional work published by the university, and every time I walk by it, I see people getting their pictures taken in front of it.

Every year, students compete to become “chimesmasters”; the 10 or so winners have the responsibility of playing concerts on the chimes, 3 times a day while classes are in session. Playing the chimes involves pushing down on levers with both hands and both feet (I’ve never seen both feet at the same time), so the chimesmasters have to be in great physical condition in addition to knowing their way around a keyboard.


Chimesmaster at work

The concerts are open to the public. All it takes to be treated to an incredible view is a 161-step climb and the willingness to endure some ear-splitting noise. Oh, and you need to be prepared for some extreme weather – it’s completely exposed to the cold, the wind, and whatever happens to be dropping out of the sky! (Forgive the hokiness of this next shot, I pieced it together to make up for my lack of a sufficiently wide angle lens):

High Above Cayuga's Waters

In addition to views of the breathtaking variety, there are also some interesting perspectives that can only be gotten from up this high, such as a couple of workers enjoying a different view from high up during their lunch break:

Lunch break at Sibley Dome

Lunch break at Sibley Dome

Now that winter is here, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be making the long climb up to the top of the tower for the next several months. I won’t promise that there won’t be additional views of the outside of it though!



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