The many faces of the clock tower

McGraw at Sunrise

McGraw at Sunrise

I’m sure that most photographers have a subject that they come back to, time and time again. Certainly, for many years, my kids were the subject of almost all my pictures (at the time, it was point-and-shoot with film.) Since they’re not around much any more, I’ve been forced to branch out – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Although I constantly try to find unique subjects, the clock tower at my alma mater and place of employment just screams out “pick me! pick me!”. Who am I to turn it down? So, like it or not, I find that pictures of McGraw tower pop up in my photostream on a regular basis – sometimes with the attached library, sometimes without.

McGraw Reflection

McGraw Reflected in Olin Library

McGraw in Springtime

McGraw in Springtime

It’s not really a four-seasons thing, since the tower doesn’t change much at all – although there are some different views to be had at different times of the year due to the direction of the light or the trees that frame the shot. In October each year, the clock faces are turned into pumpkin faces… I missed getting a picture of that this year but no doubt I’ll get one at some point.

I’m still surprised when I find a new way of looking at the tower. A few weeks ago, I headed over to central campus to see what I could see, and I was delighted to find a reflection of the tower encased in the frame of a window in another building. This shot has made it into my Personal Favorites shortlist.

McGraw Reflection

McGraw Reflection

Do you have any favorite subjects? I don’t have a lot of blogger-followers, but those of you who do blog, I’d love to see what you’ve taken lots of shots of!



  1. I like those views of the clock tower. Good job, Barbara! What do I keep coming back to? Trees. Because that’s what we’re surrounded with….dozens upon dozens upon hundreds of trees.

  2. Hmmm, you’ve made me think. I’m not sure I have a favorite subject to shoot over and over again. I tend to lean towards the opposite…I easily get bored with subjects and am constantly looking for new inspirations. Occasionally, I do go back and reshoot something if it somehow grabs my attention again, if I ‘see’ something ‘new’ in it.

    LOVE the last image! So interesting!

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