Taking Leaves

Looking through the pictures I’ve taken over the past couple months, I’ve realized that by far, the number one subject has been leaves. Leaves on the trees, falling leaves, leaves on the ground, frosty leaves… you name it. The autumn leaves are pretty much all down now, so here are my leaf-offerings as a segue into winter.

On the trees: I just don’t have the magic touch for the full-on sweeping vista of colorful trees that I’ve seen from others. The best I can offer up here is a colorful maple against a backdrop of mixed colors.

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

Falling leaves: I spent a lot of time trying to catch a shot of leaves as they were falling. There were two challenges to this – one was to get good focus on a leaf as it fell, and the other was to differentiate the leaf from its background. Getting under a tree and shooting towards blue sky fixed the second problem; getting as small an aperture as possible was the best I could do for the first.

Falling Leaf

Falling Leaf

Leaves on the ground: this maple leaf, covered with raindrops sparkling in the morning sun, caught lots of comments on my Shuttercal calendar:

Autumn Raindrops

Autumn Raindrops

Frosty leaves: during a couple early mornings (before the time change), I braved the cold to go out and photograph frost-covered leaves. Something I learned from this was that trees lose a lot of their leaves after a frost, while they’re thawing from the rising sun… and they make a lot of loud snap-crackle-pop sounds in the process.

Frosty Leaf

Frosty Leaf

As winter sets in, with its short days and gray landscape, shooting outdoors is going to be a challenge; but I know I did my best to take advantage of all the colorful opportunities afforded by spring, summer, and fall.



  1. My, you certainly have a way with leaves! ‘Autumn Raindrops’ is simply stunning. I do hope you have that one printed LARGE, matted, framed and hung on a prominant wall in your home. I like ‘Frosty Leaf’, too (the detail on the ice crystals is very nice) BUT, find myself going back and forth between not wanting and wanting the flower and yellow leaf on the bottom left in the composition.

  2. I think trees have such a strong presence in a landscape, which makes them attractive to photograph. At least that’s why I photograph them. 🙂 And the weather. Ugh. But after our foot of snow this weekend, this morning was a lovely foggy and frosty morning. The sun was still behind the clouds. Made for a great hour of stomping through the snow and clicking away. Your lovely backlit frosty leaf…very nice!

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