The favorites, if not the best

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog – its first anniversary will be on November 26, the day that I bought my DSLR. I was intending to use a Thanksgiving-weekend post to reflect on what I’ve learned in this past year, and as part of that, I planned to include some of my favorite shots.

While I’m positive that Scott had no intention of modifying my blog anniversary plans, it turns out that this month’s assignment is to post 3 or more of the “best” pictures of 2011, and that the due date is coming up on Wednesday. So I’ll celebrate a 50-week anniversary instead… and interpret the word “best” as “personal favorite”.Β  I’ll also save the learning-reflection for another time.

And one last thing before the pictures: the instructor for the class I just finished pointed out that the photographer will see something different in a photo than a casual observer, since he/she has an experience linked with the shot. Each of the pictures that I’m sharing here have some of my memories attached to them, so I know that you won’t be seeing them the same way I do.

And now… presenting my personal favorites for 2011 (so far):

1. From way back in January, when I first got my macro lens. This is a picture of the frost on my garage window:


Life is in the tiny details

2. From a rare sunny weekend day in February:


Here's looking at you, kid

3. These next two are from my May trip to Jackson Hole, which was a really fantastic experience with many, many great memories attached.

Ground Squirrel

We were best friends by the end of the photo session

Morning Dew

This represents my memories from the Jackson Hole trip

4. I had this shot of Great Blue Herons changing nest duties printed on aluminum – it’s the only one I’ve taken that’s hanging in my home. So far.

Great Blue Herons

How I learned about silhouettes

5. This shot, looking down at the dock and lake at my family’s place in the Adirondacks, reflects how I want summer to be (but how it doesn’t usually play out):

Lake Reflection


6. Where “favorite” overlaps “learning”: I finally learned that the sky is its most colorful before the sun comes up and after the sun goes down.

Three's a Crowd

Three's a Crowd

Looking back through the hundreds of pictures that I’ve saved over the last year not only brings back many memories – good and otherwise – but also makes me realize how differently I look at things now than I did 50 weeks ago.



  1. Barbara, you have some great pictures here! WOW! I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. They are all so unique and fascinating. Three’s a crowd keeps me staring in amazement. Good job!

  2. Your photography is wonderful ! The frosty picture looks like a natural embroidery. I also love the silhouettes shots and your curious little friend. Congratulations, your choice is a delightful one. Thank you.

  3. I’ll join in on the “Happy Anniversary”
    I’m glad I visited your blog, and I must browse through all of it when I have a little time.
    Favourites? Three is a crowd and Reflections. And the ice crystals and….

  4. You have some beautiful choices here Barbara. Your frost looks like a painting and the reflection in the tiny drop of water is awesome! The squirrel-face full of snow is a hoot and how cool to get that shot of the herons!

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