Workin’ It

I just submitted the last assignment for my course. I had a really hard time with this one, but it should have been so easy – the assignment was to take four pictures of the same subject, using four different techniques of impact. My problem was that I just couldn’t think of a good subject.

Sculpture in the morning light

In the morning light

I was compelled to push on through the lack of motivation by having a deadline, though. So this morning, I went to one of my regular haunts, and realized that one of the sculptures in the sculpture garden would do just fine.

The sculpture garden is a group of 7 or 8 concrete sculptures that were built in the early ’60s by architecture students who assumed that their work would have been overtaken by weeds by 2011. Not being a fan of ’60s concrete, I had pretty much ignored them before today… but suddenly, they represented opportunity.

I chose the tallest sculpture, the one shown above, since it had the most sunlight this morning. To get a different view, I went back late this afternoon, as the sun was heading below the trees in the southwest sky, and the moon was on its way up in the southeast sky.

Moon over sculpture

Holding up the Moon

Other impact techniques I used included an extreme close-up of one of the details on the sculpture, as well as this shot taken from below:

Looking up from below the sculpture

Looking Up

I’m still not especially fond of the concrete, but now I appreciate the sculptures just a little bit more.



  1. Have you ever gotten right underneath them and taken a picture of the sky looking up through them? I’ve never gotten this to work out the way I wanted but I’ve seen a few Flickr folks have made it work!

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