Eggstra Edition

I have to admit, when I read Karma’s scavenger hunt assignment for the month of October, I wasn’t terribly eggcited. The assignment was to find and photograph idioms. To be fair, she gave a link to an idiom site to help people get started – but even after a few weeks of thought, I was having a hard time coming up with much.

Until this morning… when for some reason the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” came to mind (and about that same time, I thought of “six of one, half dozen of the other.”)

2 baskets of eggs

Now I’m not an eggspert on these things, but I believe that sayings like that aren’t officially idioms…  a better eggsample of an idiom would be “on the fence” or “monkey business” or something like that. But I felt like I was on to something with the egg theme, and decided to eggsploit it.

As the day wore on, my mind eggsploded with egg idioms. (Yes, my mind eggsploding is an idiom… and I don’t have a picture of it.) My husband egged me on as I eggspressed idea after idea… until he realized that my taking a picture of “egg on his face” would probably be at his eggspense. At that point he bowed out, and I made an eggscursion to the craft store.

So many ideas came to mind that I could probably spend a month photographing them. But to eggspedite this blog post, I ended up settling on two:

Good egg

Good egg

and bad egg.

Bad egg

The props I picked up turned out to be a little more eggspensive than I had thought they’d be, but the cost was just a drop in the bucket compared to my gear.

Drop in the bucket

(See Karma? There’s my Halloween eggstra credit!)

I hope that you, Dear Reader, aren’t eggsasperated by this post (although you probably find it eggcessive.)


  1. What an eggcellent selection of photos! So happy you found your inspireggtion! Love the lighting on the first shot. And thanks for giving me a geggle!

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