A sea of sugary competition

Cake competition

Cakes as far as the eye can see

Scott’s blog challenge for September was “Competition”. Well… September came and went, and although I gave a lot of thought to the challenge, I never actually followed up with photography action. I’m hoping it’s not too late, though: while I was at the mall doing errands this afternoon, I happened to come across the 3rd Annual CNY Cake Competition (sponsored by A.C. Moore, King Arthur Flour, Americolor, and Fondarific.) How exciting!


A young Under-the-Sea cake in front of Old Navy

The theme for the competition was “Under the Sea.” (Funny, that was the theme for the ice carving competition last December. I doubt that anyone entered both contests, though.) The two contests that were going on while I was there were the cake decorating contest and the 30 minute Rice Krispies Treat sculpting challenge.

Cake Judging

Could this be the winner?

The cakes were judged both by passers-by (for the People’s Choice Award) and by a team of professional cake decorators, including guest decorator Kim Morrison, a 2-time Oklahoma National Wedding Cake Competition winner.

The Rice Krispies Treats sculpting contest, the first of several challenges for the day, was 30 minutes of non-stop unwrapping, smooshing, rolling, coloring, and poking action. The slate of 3 contestants worked their magic in front of a crowd of about 15 people as normal mall activity swirled around them.

Sculpting Rice Krispies

Sculpting Rice Krispies

The RKT art was also judged by professionals, including Ms. Morrison, as seen below.

Judging the RKT challenge

Judging the RKT challenge

Although the world of cake decoration is completely foreign to me, I’m glad I had this photo challenge as an excuse to stop and watch.

The technicalities: It’s been my habit for the last several months to keep the S90 tucked in my purse for photo-emergencies. The advantage that it gave me today was its ability to work well indoors: I was able to keep the ISO between 400 and 640 without experiencing too much noise.



  1. What great shots! I am the founder of the CNY Cake Competition (Julie Ehrentraut). I am so glad I came across your post. If you wouldn’t mind I would love to get some of the images you took to use for promotionals for next year’s event.

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