Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

McGraw Tower, Uris Library, Cornell University

I started planning this a few months ago. I was telling my friend Marina of my frustrations with the moon photos I took back in March: because it was so dark outside by the time the moon rose, my choices were either to end up with not enough detail on the buildings or not enough detail on the moon. Marina suggested that I try to see what I could do with the harvest moon.

So I looked up the date (September 12), started up The Photographers Ephemeris, and started plotting: when to go, where to stand, what lens to use, what settings to use.

The only thing I forgot during the planning phase was that moonrise behind a big hill is a little later than published. That worked out to my advantage because it put a little more space between the sunset and the moonrise… I just needed to move a little farther north (about 50 paces) to get my shot. (It was about a 20 minute difference – long enough that some passersby asked if I was waiting for aliens. I told them no, but at that rate, the aliens might arrive before the moon came up.)

I think I’ll do a little cleanup (get rid of those power lines!) and then see about getting some prints.



  1. Terrific, Barbara, absolutely terrific… and what planning!..I would think the university should be interested in that moonscape…congratulations


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