Purple… and timing

Two weeks and 1 day ago, 2 things happened:

  1. I woke up before dawn to go meet Deb and Scott at Taughannock Park, and on the way there – as I drove by Cass Park – Cayuga Lake was a gorgeous purple color; and
  2. When I got home, I saw that the 2 week theme for the EOS Projects group on Flickr was “purple.”

So! It seemed that all I would need to do to get a lovely shot of a serenely purple lake for the project group would be to wake up early and drive down to Cass Park before sunrise!

Not so easy.

Perennial Pea

Perennial Pea (wildflower)

3 different days during the following week, I got up around 5:15 – 5:30 and dutifully drove down to the park (about a 15 minute drive.) I staked out the ideal spot and waited for the beautiful sight that sunrise would bring. And for 3 different days, I got a lot of nothing. Phooey.

The entries for “purple” were due yesterday. I used one of my light tent flower shots, plus a close-up of a wildflower that I took using flash, and a white-background wildflower shot taken out in the field.

While I was outside during the week, I found a spot at the back of Stewart Park (on the way to Cass Park, about a 10 minute drive) that looked like it would be good for early morning shoots. So when the dog and cat woke me up at 6 this morning, I decided to pop down there to see what I could see.

And I saw my pre-sunrise purple lake.

Cascadilla Boat Club

On the Cayuga Lake inlet



  1. Timing IS certainly everything! Ever notice how the PERFECT photograph often presents itself when you sans camera!

    I admire your perserverence to catch your prey. Lovely! (both photos!)

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