Rainbow of Flowers

About the same time I learned about Scott’s blog and his assignments, I also learned that he and Karma trade off giving assignments every couple of months. Karma’s current assignment, due tomorrow, is to take a photo for each of the prominent rainbow colors, with each photo being something specific to summertime.

Well, I blew it. Now I’m trying to recover gracefully.

When I read the assignment post way back in mid-July, I committed it to memory wrong. All this time, up until this morning, I thought it said that there should be one summertime photo that contained all of the colors of the rainbow. Whoops! (I never actually found a subject for such a photo.)

To make up for this lapse, I spent most of today out and about looking for flowers and flower-like things that are blooming in rainbow colors. I’ve  combined them in a mosaic with other flower shots from earlier this summer (plus one of an actual rainbow) to create my submission for the assignment. I know it’s not exactly what was called for, but I’ll take a little artistic license.

Flower Mosaic

Rainbow of Summer Flowers



  1. Artistic license is always welcome! The collage is beautiful! The whole point of my photo hunts is to help everyone have a reason to get out with their cameras and have fun! Then we get to have fun going around and looking at everyone else’s posts.
    What about the bonus shot? 😉 (summertime self-portrait)

    • I love challenges so I’m so glad that you’re kind enough to coordinate them! As for the self portrait – I’m a major wimp in front of a camera. So much safer behind one. 🙂

  2. I think your entry fits the bill perfectly… They’re certainly summery, and with all the required colours… The collage also looks great, and you even managed cover all the bases by sneaking a real rainbow in there too.. 😉

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