Stepping out

As the summer passes by, I’ve found that I’ve spent most of my camera time taking pictures of flowers, bugs, trees, and other nature-y things… so attending my nephew’s wedding this past weekend gave me a chance to step out of this comfort zone.

Stepping Out

Stepping Out (with slow sync flash)

Not wanting to haul the XS to New Jersey, I had the S90 with me for the trip and took it to the wedding and reception. Since I was paying closer attention to family than I was to photography, I kept the camera on auto / program modes for most of the evening – so most of the shots turned out to be the kind that only a family could love. But I got a chance to experiment a little when the dance floor came alive, and took the opportunity to try slow sync flash.

The S90 manual says this about slow sync flash:

You can make the make the main subject, such as people, appear bright by having the camera provide the appropriate illumination with the flash. At the same time, you can use a slow shutter speed to brighten the background that the light from the flash cannot reach.

OK, I get what they’re saying, but there’s a fun element in slow sync flash that the manual doesn’t convey! It brightens up the background in some unpredictable ways (unpredictable to me, at least) and can produce some weird ghosting effects. The Digital Photography School site has some great examples and provides some background on how it works. I’m thinking that once the weather starts keeping me inside more, I’ll spend some more time playing around with it and with flash in general. I’m not sure if the results of using slow sync flash are ever predictable, but it was fun to try something a little different.



(Both of these shots are of my nephew’s aunt and uncle on his mom’s side.)


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