Showing scale

A month or two ago, thanks to friend and co-blogger Deb (“My Life in CNY“), I started reading the blog of Scott Thomas, a photographer from the Syracuse area (about an hour north of me.) One nice feature of Scott’s blog is that he has regular assignments, and invites others to post links to blog posts / web sites / etc. with their assignment submissions. When he posted the current assignment, “Showing Scale“, I decided it was time to jump in.

For me, the local gorges / waterfalls were the obvious choice of subject showing scale. Both of the following shots were made possible by use of the widest-angle lens I own, the 18-55mm kit lens. Anything else just wouldn’t show the size of the gorge / waterfall for comparison… and the first shot doesn’t even show the top of the waterfall.

Jumping for Joy

Big guy, bigger waterfall (Treman State Park)

Gorge Wall

Little people, big rock (Taughannock State Park)

But I don’t think going wide-angle was critical to the assignment. (In fact, one of the commenters indicated that she was planning to go macro.) This shot – showing just how wide this gull’s wingspan is – was taken with a 190mm focal length. (Wish I’d made the shutter go a little faster):

Feeding the Gulls

My, what big wings you have! (Stewart Park)

Many thanks to Scott for posting the assignment. 139 days into my 365, I’m starting to run out of ideas for new things to photograph – having assignments is a great way to get out of that rut.


  1. When I visited Treman, it was late fall ant the swimming area was mostly rockbed. I looked at where the diving board would have been and wondered what it would look like. Now I do!

    Both of these are excellent photos showing scale, Barbara. Thank you for contributing and I hope you will continue to do so.

  2. Hi Barbara! I just looked at Deb’s site so one of these shots seems a little familiar, LOL! Nice job showing scale.
    I’m thinking we are both Canon Rebel users – I have that 18-55 kit lens too. I just bought mine last summer and have been having a lot of fun as I learn more and more.

    • Thanks Karma! Ithaca really is a small town – scary but not surprising when I find that others have chosen the same topic. This photography thing is really addictive, isn’t it!?

  3. The first two photos are great illustrations of this topic. The third is my favorite! I like this simple and elegant composition – and it is only a bonus that you can see the gull’s rapid wingbeats!

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