Unique, like everyone else


The Undiscovered Galaxy

And now for something completely different.

First, a little story. When my daughter was about 5 years old, her day care group had spent part of the afternoon putting together jack o’lantern faces from orange paper plates and black construction paper eyes, mouths, and noses. A wall of grinning orange faces was proudly displayed on the wall when I came to pick her up that day… but one of the pumpkin faces was, well, unique. This face, carefully composed by my daughter, had the mouth running up the side of the face, to the right of the eye and nose. (She was later labeled “gifted”, with one of the distinguishing characteristics being creativity.)

But creativity implies intent. At this point, I’m striving for competent.

In order to achieve competency, in advance of last night’s fireworks show, I read up on what I needed to do to get good fireworks shots. The results were “creative”, but not in the intentional way. More in the “this is different. I wonder if it’s not lousy?” way. As much as I’d like to claim that any deviation of these shots from the norm is based on creativity, it’s just not true.

So in honor of Independence Day (a day ahead of schedule), here are a couple of my unique creations. The full set – including some light painting with fluorescent doo-dads  and some not-so-unique fireworks – is available in this Picasa album.


Adding a little sparkle to the night



  1. Gorgeous! I enjoyed the Picasa album collection, too! So, this aspiring photographer wants to know what you did to capture all those great fireworks shots. Any clues before I head to the show tomorrow night?

    – Jim V

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