Driven to Abstraction

Ornamental Onions

Ornamental Onions, from the ground up

Last week, while I was thinking about what I could photograph for this month’s meetup group challenge “from the ground up”, a friend suggested that I take a picture from the ground looking up through some funky-looking flowers in one of the gardens at work… which I did. I had been told a few years ago that these flowers were a kind of onion, but just to be sure, I googled them when I got home. Sure enough, they fit the description of “ornamental onion”. (And that spot is a bee — confirmed by the antennae in close-up view.)

While I was at it, I decided to look at other photos of ornamental onions. One in particular really caught my eye. It’s the work of Ram, aka “Floral Colors”, who has some absolutely gorgeous photos on Flickr (and who has graciously given me permission to embed this one):

Ornamental Onion

Looking through his portfolio made me want to try some of his technique… way easier said than done. One thing I noticed in the EXIF data was that he had his sharpness setting on “soft”. But how did he get that light? And where does one focus for this kind of shot? The best way to find out is probably to try it. (And keep on trying it.)

So I’ve been playing around with abstract macros for the past few days.


Clover: one of my better attempts at abstract macro

Hubby isn’t especially impressed, and I guess it’s an acquired taste, but it’s provided me with hours of entertainment.

Yikes! Spikes!

Abstract and Spiky



  1. The onions looks like some very well pruned trees. Also like the spiky one but I’m sorry to say that my favourite one isn’t yours :p

  2. Barbara, Those bottom two photos are just dreamy! I mean seriously dreamy!!! Love them both. Your hubby might be more of a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy when it comes to photography. 🙂


  3. Those were fabulous! That’s something I have not heard or seen before. Very fascinating and an interesting way to ‘look’ at things through a camera’s eye.

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