Try try again

Please note… I’ve changed the URL to Aspirant came up in the thesaurus for wannabe!

I wasn’t willing to give up on those herons from Friday, so I went back to the Lab of O last night. Things I changed this time:

  • brought the tripod and remote shutter
  • changed the sharpness setting on the camera*
  • set the ISO to 100 in an attempt to reduce the noise.

I’m much happier with the execution this time around. The sky didn’t have those nice colors, but the almost black-and-white gives it a different look. I guess I can hold off just a little longer on that new lens.

Great Blue Herons

Heron Silhouette

*I delved into the section “Customizing the Picture Style” in the camera manual yesterday… found where I can adjust things like sharpness and saturation. Not sure if the herons were less fuzzy because of the tripod or because of the sharpness setting, but the combination worked. I also upped the saturation, which I had been doing in postprocessing on most of my pictures. Not that there were any colors to saturate last night!



  1. Still continue to be amazed– and fascinated — with your command of the new pastime.. and I’m reminded of my first little Brownie camera I was given for Christmas about the fifth grade…

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