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During lunchtime a couple weeks ago, a colleague and I went up to the 5th floor of the Johnson Art Museum, where she patiently waited while I aimed the camera out the window. Most of the photos I came away with that day were pretty dull, but I spent some time processing one of them – of Risley Hall – and posted it on Flickr.

Risley Hall

Risley Hall, taken from The Johnson Art Museum

Fast forward a few weeks. On Wednesday I received a “flickr mail” from musician / photographer Andy Wheeler, saying that he had taken this photo and applied a “tilt-shift” effect to it, and was that OK?  Was it!!  I love Andy’s work this one of the old Grossingers resort pool (“turned terrarium”) is one of my very favorites – so following his super-private link to see what he had done with the Risley photo was a real treat.  Of course I responded yes, that’s fine, if you put it up somewhere please give me credit for the original.

So he posted it on his Flickr photostream, along with an explanation of tilt shift (which uses blurring to make you think that the object is a miniature). I’ve included it here for your viewing pleasure:

Tiny Risley Hall

Tiny Risley Hall, by A.D. Wheeler

Thanks again Andy! Maybe we’ll have a chance to collaborate again in the future.


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  1. I already liked your original photograph. But for a completely different look, that tilt shift technique makes it look completely different. Thanks for sharing these!

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