The Crocus Chronicles

There’s a lovely garden between my place of work and the parking lot. At least, it’s lovely between April and September. Usually, this time of year, I walk around it on my way into the office, mostly to avoid getting my feet wet and muddy. Last week on Tuesday, though, I decided to walk through it on my way home, just to see if there was anything blooming early – and I was rewarded with the sight of a few dozen yellow crocuses.


No snow yet

Tuesday night we started getting all sorts of winter weather advisories and warnings. As it turned out, there was some pretty bad weather farther out of town – we only ended up with an inch or two of snow. So Wednesday afternoon, I stopped by the garden to see how the crocuses were faring under the stress. OK so far.

Snowy Crocus

Just a little bit of snow

Not to break the run I had going, I checked again on Thursday. They were looking a little sadder, but still alive.

After the storm

Still going

And Friday – sunny and very cold – I found that most of them were covered over with snow and ice, but they looked like they hadn’t given up yet.

Spring, Arrested

Preserved, that's all

All seems to have ended well. Today’s visit confirmed that the crocuses were all still alive, if slightly bent over.

Crocuses in Snow



Due to the short above-ground lifespan of a crocus, it’s hard to make much more of a project out of this, but I’m impressed by the people who take the time and energy to carry out similar projects over years, such as this one: Natalie, Birth to 10 in 1 Min 25 Seconds.

* * * * * * * * * *

The challenge in today’s shot was to get detail on the crocuses without having the snow washed out, especially in the back near the bushes. I took many more shots than I’m showing here – many were spent on trying to get the right combination of aperture and ISO. For today’s shot, I ended up using AV mode – where I set the aperture and it chooses the shutter speed – with f/5.6, ISO 100. (I found that no matter what I did with ISO > 100, detail was lost.)

A trick that I learned in last summer’s street photography workshop was this: when playing back a photo, hitting the DISP button 1-2-3 times gives different views. One of these views will make information that’s lost – including stuff where the detail is washed out due to too much light – blink. That’s a clue to modify the settings (in this case, make it so that less light is reaching the sensor.)


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  1. Tis clearly more than point and shoot.. and an accomplishment you could not accomplish here in Florida.. Dad

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