Cold Spring Night and Warm Autumn Leaves

Ithaca doesn’t really have a spring. It’s more like winter and summer alternating for two months (with a heavy emphasis on the winter part.) For example, we had absolutely gorgeous warm weather on Friday, followed by cold / windy / lousy weather yesterday, beautiful weather today, and a forecast of freezing rain for tonight and tomorrow morning.  But yesterday we were incredibly fortunate to have the clouds dissipate just in time for the once-in-18-years “supermoon.” I did my homework ahead of time, and found that the moon would rise at about 7:30 in the east, just shortly after sunset. My long-suffering spouse agreed to wait with me at my designated shooting spot, and for once I remembered all of the tools: the camera, lens, card, charged battery, tripod, and remote shutter.

It all worked out pretty well – it was just cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. My fingers really, really hurt, so I wasn’t as careful as I might have been to make sure that everything was absolutely still before pressing the shutter. Lots of photos got digitally tossed. Still, I managed to come up with a couple of (in my opinion) passable shots, proving that I’ve at least learned to bring all the right equipment. I’m hoping that someone who knows their stuff might make some suggestions about how I could have made the buildings brighter – the problem being that the moon moved much faster than I would have expected!

Moon over Cornell

Moon over Cornell

Last night’s moon outing was followed by today’s adventure of joining with the Ithaca photo meetup group for the first time. It was a sit-and-chat (and bring your homework) meeting at the Autumn Leaves bookstore downtown, with a nice mix of people who have loads of photography experience and a few newbies like myself. I managed to spill hot tea in my lap before everyone even arrived, but they seem to be a very forgiving lot. One of the group even knew about this blog!

The homework for today’s meeting was to capture a naturally-occurring letter of the alphabet. Some of the examples were quite nice… and were also a good starter for a conversation about where to get things printed. Next month’s assignment is “warm”. (Suggestions, anyone?) There are also discussions about field trips, sharing sessions, etc.

So, a shout out to any of the Meetup members who may come across this entry: Adam, Prantik*, Tyler, Debbie, Chris, Catalina, Stacy, and Mike — Hi, and thanks for being so welcoming today!

*Prantik tells me that he’s never met anyone else with his first name. So, PR, of course I told him about you!

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