Photograph what you love

The current theme for my Flickr project group is “Building”. No indication about whether that’s the noun or the verb, but most of the entries that people have submitted so far are nouns, with only 2 verb submissions (one of them is mine).  I just can’t get excited about this theme… and that’s probably OK.

When I first got this camera and started reading everything photography-related that I could, I came across an article that suggested that people identify what it is that they like to photograph, and concentrate on that. At the time, that seemed very limiting. One of the things that I like about the project group is that it covers a variety of subjects, and provides an opportunity to try my hand at different things that I otherwise wouldn’t think about.

But even within the boundaries of the theme, I’ve found that I’m drawn back to taking pictures of nature (“ice building over a waterfall”). And rather than concentrating on buildings or on people (or animals) building things, I’m getting easily distracted. C’mon, time for the next theme already!  So I guess that nature is one of the things on the short list. Too bad I’m such a wimp about bad weather.

So, for both of my blog viewers, here’s a gallery of my 2 building submissions. Plus a bonus photo, just for fun, of something that has absolutely nothing to do with building.


Ice builds over a waterfall

Art Deco

The Niagara Mohawk Building


<a href=”; title=”Yowser! by IthacaBarbie, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”500″ height=”358″ alt=”Yowser!” /></a>

Grandmother, what big teeth you have


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  1. I thought I had commented on this blog with the art deco Niagara Mohawk building.. but I find no record of it.. I do believe that the photo would be improved by looking up at the top where the Spirit of Light, or whatever he is called, reigns supreme… of course I haven’t looked up at that scene in more than two decades… D

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