Patterns and Randomness

The only good thing about waking up to an outside temperature of -10F this morning (besides being inside, of course) was that the garage windows were extra-frosty, giving me an opportunity to try re-photographing frost… but with the macro extension tubes this time. The resulting photos were OK. I liked the ones from a few weeks ago better. But in taking the shots, it occurred to me that the frost patterns looked a whole lot like the pattern from last week’s feather:


Feathery Frost


Feather, no frost

So I started thinking about other artifacts of nature with the same pattern. Leaves and needles, especially hemlock needles. Pine tree branches (at least those on the Christmas trees that I drew when I was a kid.) Others?

Other things in nature, though, seem to be completely random… while still similar. The splash from this goose’s pond landing (taken today at the Lab of Ornithology) is a lot like the snow sent flying by this sledder (taken last week at the Cornell Plantations):

Goose Landing

Goose Landing


Rough Landing

It may just be that shooting for the challenge themes (“Macro”, “On the Move”) is what brings these comparisons to mind… but I’ll keep my eyes open.

I did learn one new trick – a big one – this week. I thought I knew about all of the Canon XS settings, but no! On the camera menu, under “Custom Functions”, there are a few features that are really good to know about – including options for High ISO Speed Noise Reduction (which I used for the goose shot) and Long Exposure Noise Reduction. There are several others that I don’t understand… yet.


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